Monday, July 13, 2009

National Debtline Brand Awareness Campaign

These images are part of a campaign I have created to promote National Debtline, a government funded telephone service that offers free advice for those with debt or other financial issues.

Each image began life as a series of relief prints made using wooden type. The prints were photographed, adapted and layered in Photoshop, then completed with additional elements such as strap lines and contact details.

Wooden type was used for this campaign as it communicates the idea of pressure through the method in which it is printed. It also evokes the idea of reliability, a reassuring quality in these tough financial times and one which National Debtline would be keen to ascribe to themselves.

To develop the campaign for cross media placement, each of the three images have been adapted into animated web banners, which I shall be uploading very soon, along with additional print based supporting materials.

Over the next while shall be uploading more samples of project work from my portfolio and honours year study. Comments and criticism are always welcome and thank you for looking!