Thursday, June 11, 2009

Robert Gordon University Socialisation Project

I was recently asked to design some window graphics as part of the socialization of the Business School building at the RGU campus, Aberdeen.

As can be seen above, on a sunny day the images project themselves into the social space of the building, acting as a stained glass window would.

Of the three window panel designs, the right and left feature my work while the centre panel features a print by fellow graduate Martin Buchan. 

In reaching my final design I considered how to not only communicate the essence of what goes on inside the building but to deliver a bold visual statement. Since numbers lie at the heart of all business and economic practice it made perfect sense to utilize them. 

The images were made by creating a series of prints using wooden letterpress blocks. These prints were then layered in photoshop and adapted to allow maximum light transmission when placed in their intended location.

Special thanks to Peacock Visual Arts for lending me the number blocks. I promise i'll bring them back soon........